The Everhart Museum opened its newest show to a shoulder to shoulder crowd this weekend.For a few hours on Saturday people gathered, with standing room only, to see the winners of this year’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.As our new regional affiliate, the Everhart Museum is currently displaying the Gold Key Artwork from this competition.The Scholastic Art & Writing awards recognize the exceptional, creative and technical ability of artists in grades 7-12.Many a famous artist has gotten their start as a Gold Key winner in this competition. Zac Posen, Andy Warhol, and Stephen King are just a few notable alumni.

Area middle school students from Wayne Highlands Middles School are about to join this list!Ryan Gross, Claragail Wheeler, Brayden Kopesky, Arianna Watson, and Skye Skinner (all grade 8) were honored at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday.Skye and Ryan earned Honorable mentions for their drawing and sculpture.Arianna earned a Silver Key for her Mixed Media Dreamcatcher. Claragail, Brayden, and Ryan earned Gold Keys for their sculpture, photography, and drawings which, because of their Gold Key status, are currently on display at the Everhart Museum.The artwork will remain for the month of February before returning to WHMS.

“For a middle school student to be achieving on this level is nothing short of remarkable.”says art teacher Kat Beisel. “I encourage everyone to take some time before the end of the month to check out Everhart’s collection.The talent represented is more than just the work of student artists, it is the future of art.Pieces on display are breathtaking, a true feat for artists of any age!I am so proud to have the opportunity to work with such amazing, creative, dedicated, and talented young artists.”