Quarter 2 Honor Roll

8th Grade High Honors

Carson Hedgelon, Rylan Montgomery, Ava Patrisso, and Jordan Patzuk

8th Grade Honors

Adrian Tejada and Sydney Roberts

7th Grade High Honors

Michaela Davoli, Meghan Dowling, Otto Lohse, Kady McElroy, Saige Olver, Brody Patrisso, Myla Shields,
Emma Snow, Cassidy Spaulding, Morgen Wilcox, Olivia Wood, Logan Dieterich, Carly Muniz, Justin Scanlon, and Xavier Gonczi

7th Grade Honors

Molly Diehl, Raven Hennig, and Simon Kowalchuk-Swartz

6th Grade High Honors

Kristoff Bundik, Lacey Cole, Sarah Ehrenhardt, Connor Tirney, and AJ Dutton

6th Grade Honors

Jaydan Beisner, Abe Bryant, Silas Myers, and Abigail Gager

Damascus Homeroom Listings

Homeroom listings for the 2021-2022 school year have been announced for the Damascus Area School.

Quarter 2 Honor Roll

Dr. David Jagger, Principal of the Damascus School, is pleased to announce that the following…