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Quarter 1 Honor Roll

We are proud to announce the Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 Quarter 1 Marking Period.

8th Grade High Honors

Jocelyn Barnes
Taylor Wendell
Olivia Gries
Nicole Hector
Kayla Kuta
Emily Ruggles

8th Grade Honors

Geraint Riffle
Mackenzie Spaulding
Lars Balthaser
Gwen Cole
Cambree Frost-Kokotajlo
Abigail Price
Jacob Turner
Aubree Young

7th Grade High Honors

Ivy Brinkerhoff
Kaitlyn Brown
Joseph Curreri
Trent Gombita
Lakelen LeClere
Hannah Rybak
Eddie Skies

7th Grade Honors

Katie Crum
Carly DeGrazia
Kate Dowling
Rocco Fluck
Bennett Fritz
Lydia Hook
Christian Kraniak
Elizabeth Moss
Michael Murphy
Madison O’Brien
Maggie Yerkes

6th Grade High Honors

Kayla Benson
Danielle Gager
Emma Johannes
Landon Johannes
Amanda Kuta
Elyse Montgomery

6th Grade Honors

Travis Beisner
Caleb Bryant
Aurora Dutton
Natalie Moss
Ava Mullally
Laura Wood