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Rachel’s Challenge Initiative

The Stourbridge Primary Center is beginning their new school year with a challenge — Rachel’s Challenge! Students were wearing their new shirts, purchased by the Honesdale Elementary PTA, in a show of support for the Rachel’s Challenge Initiative. Rachel’s Challenge was embraced by the Wayne Highlands School District several years ago as a mechanism to teach kindness, compassion and tolerance to our students. At the Stourbridge Primary Center, students, faculty and staff participate in a monthly T-Shirts and Tallies Day the last Friday of each month. On this day, everyone wears their Rachel’s Challenge T-Shirt and homerooms keep track (tally) all Acts of Kindness performed by our students on this day. The T-Shirts serve as a reminder to our students of the importance of being kind to each other. And the tally charts show them that its easy to do a lot of kind things for others in the course of a day. Shirts are also worn by students and staff on field trip days as a reminder to our students that kindness, compassion and tolerance are also important to practice outside of school as well